Your Top 3 Whitsunday Cruising Essentials


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A Whitsunday cruising vacation means a lot of sun and water activities ahead. After all the planning and booking with your Whitsunday charters of your choice, you definitely should focus your energy and your attention to the essentials that you need to pack in your travel bag. Since most cruises are best enjoyed for 3 days and more rather than just a 2-day weekend, you need to pack light while still making sure that your cruising essentials are with you. After all, if you do not pack light and smart during your cruising vacation, you might not be able to enjoy your time while you are on board with a heavy travel bag trailing after you everywhere you go.

Clothing and apparel

The cardinal rule when it comes to packing for a Whitsunday cruising trip is to pack light for all kinds of occasions specifically for hot, wet and cool temperatures. Have your swimwear ready. It is best to pack as little as 2 or 3 sets of your bikinis or trunks and simply let it dry under the sun after so you have a newly dried one to use the following day. Pack yourself a sarong, a pair of shorts or your singlet so you have a cover up especially if you plan to eat in the in-house cafe or restaurant of the ship. Have long clothes to warm you up especially when the night time approaches, and the weather can get extra chilly by then. If there are formal dinners hosted on board, you also need to pack some of your formal wear so you can get access inside the hall. Dress codes are strict in all Whitsunday charters, and instead of finding yourself booted out simply because you did not follow the prescribed dress code, you might find yourself humiliated and not wanting to go back on a cruising vacation.

Medical Supplies and Toiletries

When it comes to an outdoor vacation, you need to be prepared with your personal essentials namely your medical supplies and toiletries. If you know that you have that susceptibility to sea sickness, have the right medications in your bag so you can easily pop a pill whenever you feel woozy from the boat ride. Sunscreen and sun block protection are also very important since you do not want to be too toasted during your cruising vacation. Have that sunscreen and sun block protection with the highest SPF so you stay protected no matter how long a time you spend your summer vacation under the sun. If you are planning on doing some water activities such as diving, snorkelling or paddling, have bandages with you and some topical creams that you can apply on your skin in case you encounter a rash or a wound. As for your toiletries, bring only your essentials as you do not want to stuff your bag with big bottles of your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. Try to keep your liquid-based toiletries in small sachet packs or tiny bottles. Instead of relying on Whitsunday charters for these very important travel essentials, might as well bring your own to avoid delays and hassles.

Photo Equipments

If this is your first time to go on a cruising vacation, better be prepared with your photo equipments to capture the moments. A good camera need not be an SLR or a fancy professional’s camera. Bring your own with enough batteries or films. If you are planning on doing some underwater activities during your Whitsunday cruising vacation, try to bring an underwater camera too.


Why A Yacht Rental Whitsundays is More Practical than Owning One


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ImageIn the world of practicality and economic fluctuations, going for a  yacht rental Whitsundays  instead of owning your own yacht or sail boat is a smarter choice. After all, if you only set out on a sail every summer or during a holiday where you can get 3 days off from your busy schedule, your use of a sail boat is only seasonal and very seldom.

Freedom from boat maintenance requirements

With so many yacht charters Whitsundays today, it is easy to have a sail boat or a yacht that you can rent anytime you wish to go out sailing for some much needed unwinding. With a charter company to rent sail boats from, you need not spend on its maintenance and possible repairs but only for the duration that you will be using the yacht. When maintaining a boat whether it is big or small, basic or packed with identifying features, you have to be consistent when it comes to washing and cleaning it. Saltwater sailing can definitely produce a lot salt residue build ups on the exterior of your boat. Rinsing it thoroughly everyday is important. Aside from cleaning, you also need to change your boat’s oil as daily or regularly as possible too. They say that it is prudent to change your boat’s oil every 100 hours worth of sailing. You also need to maintain your boat with waterproof grease and keep the propellers as clean and dent-free as possible. All these maintenance requirements can take its toll on you as you need to spend for these on a daily basis. More so if you hire someone to do all these tasks for you, you will end up paying double for your boat maintenance guy. If you want to rid yourself of all these, a rental is best for you. Yacht charters Whitsundays take it upon themselves to meet all these maintenance requirements and keep their fleet of yachts in its best condition for the safety and security of its clients.

Pay only for the time you will be using the boat

A yacht rental Whitsundays allows you to pay only for the time when you will use the boat during your sailing vacation. Yachting, as it is, is an expensive form of vacation. Though expensive, the time you will spend at sea will definitely be one for the books as it is not always that you get to be in commune with the water. If you want to go yachting for a full week, you would need to allot a significant budget for it so you can enjoy your time sailing without having to worry whether you gas, your amenities and your other yachting essentials are running out. Even with the high rates to pay, it is nothing compared to owning a personal yacht that you need to take care of daily. Also with a rental, you get to choose the kind of boat that you want aside from setting the duration of your sail. If you own a boat, you will be constrained to use just that boat you own each and every time you decide to go yachting. If you want to go yachting with your travel buddies, you can rent a catamaran or a catalina so everyone fits in. Certainly, there are yacht charters Whitsundays that has a great fleet variety to meet your specific yachting requirements. 

The Perks and the Non-Perks of Bareboat Charters


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ImageIf you are planning on what summer escapade to book, you can consider bare boat charters Whitsundays on your list. However, when it comes to a sailing vacation, you need to make sure that your safety comes first before your comfort and pleasure. Why? It is because sailing is a water activity, and if you are unprepared while you are at sea, you can never estimate the possible damage and danger you may meet. Of course, as with all things in the world, there are always 2 sides to everything. When talking about whether to go for bareboat charters or not, you need to weigh down your options.

Skippered or non-skippered

If you are going for a bareboat arrangement, you will be taking full control of the navigation of the sail boat while you are at sea. This means that you should be qualified and licensed to begin with on manually operating and navigating a boat. This particular navigational requirement is the deal maker, and in some cases, the deal breaker for sailing vacationers. For vacationers who are excited to go sailing and simply want to avail of bareboat charters, you need to be practical and realistic with the situation. Wanting to sail on your own is too risky a choice rather than wanting to sail and knowing how to do it. If you want to go bare boating, make sure that you have enough education, training and practice prior to your sailing vacation. There are charter companies that offer bareboat training as one of their many services, and if they feel that you are fit and ready to manually operate and navigate a boat, then you can be allowed to set out on your own at sea together with your travel companions.

Full amenities or not

There are vacationers who simply want to relax, veg out and be comfortable more than anything else during their trip. The amenities that come with a travel package can also be the deciding factor on whether this particular vacation will be a relaxing and comfortable one. However, it is important to note that bare boat charters Whitsundays are usually rid off any amenities unless you specifically request for some inclusions that you need to pay for along with the current rate for bareboat charters. For some bareboat arrangements, you need to bring your own personal toiletries, swimming gears, food and even your cooking utensils so you can prepare your meals. There are charters that can include all these on your charter agreement provided that you will pay extra for these. If you are not entirely sold on this camp-like excursion at sea, it is suggested that you go for crewed charters where there are service personnel on board to guarantee your vacation a relaxing and comfortable one. Crewed charters may come off as more expensive but if you are the type of vacationer that prioritises comfort and relaxation more than anything else, maybe a bareboat arrangement is not the perfect fit for your preferences.

Flexible itinerary or planned one

The perks, of course, of going for bare boats is that you are the king of the boat. You follow your own itinerary, and you can be as flexible as you want to be since you can decide on the islands that you want to visit and the islands that you want to skip. If you go for the other one, you will be confined to the planned itinerary of the charter company. Granted that your own itinerary in mind matches the one that is to be followed by the crewed charter, then you are in luck. However, if you want to have that kick of adventure to your vacation, then it is probably best to go for bare boat charters Whitsundays.

How to Plan a Memorable and Practical Yachting Australia Trip


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ImageIf you want to set out on an amazing yet exotic adventure this coming summer or the upcoming holidays, you definitely should save up for a yachting Australia trip. Probably the reason why a lot of people have not been considering a yachting trip before is the high cost one has to pay to the charter company. These days, however, with the rising popularity of yachting as a whole, more and more yachting companies are making it more affordable even for vacationers who are on a budget.

Do advanced and adequate planning

If you want and plan to go on a yachting Australia trip, it is best that you plan ahead. Advanced and adequate planning will allow you to choose the charter company you want, the sailing option fit with your requirements, and it will also help you have enough time to arrange for the amenities and the water adventures that you want to do during your yachting week. Look for different yacht companies available in your travel destination by simply looking it up on the internet or by hiring a travel agent that can do the necessary researches and arrangements for you. There are professional yacht brokers that can help you for this. If you want to avoid the stream of people going for a yachting adventure, set your vacation on off peak months which are from October to March.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Planning your yachting vacation also means that you take into account the small details of your travel. Check for the facilities and amenities that are accounted for by the yachting company of your choice. Will the charter rates cover the inclusion of meals, toiletries, comfortable bedding and water adventure gear rentals? Will you be able to use the different decks of the sail boat or are there any space restrictions? Do you need to pack your own personal stuff such as your toiletries and your diving gears? Knowing the inclusions and the exclusions of the fee you will be paying will definitely decide the fun and excitement (or not) that you will have on your yachting trip.

Furnish the itinerary

Especially if you are going for a bare boat charter as opposed to a crewed or luxurious yachting escapade, you need to furnish an itinerary of the places and islands you want to cover during your yachting vacation week. If you are particularly visiting the Whitsunday Islands, you definitely should be able to outline the different islands you want to hop to and the different activities that you want to participate and do while you are there. With so many different activities to do at the Whitsundays, planning a plausible and realistic itinerary can definitely make your vacation memorable. If you do not know how to begin in outlining your itinerary, look at different sample itineraries on the net, or better yet, have a travel agent help you furnish one.

Tips and recommendations from trusted sources

Whenever possible, try to get the opinion of family members and close friends about any tips and recommendations that they may have about your upcoming yachting vacation. Especially for first timers into the yachting experience, honest information and advice can go a long way in helping make your yachting Australia trip as memorable and stress-free as possible.

How to Plan Your Whitsunday Cruising Weekend


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Going a Whitsunday cruising weekend can be an exciting one especially for people who are generally fond of being one with the sea during the holidays or during the summer season. The amount of enjoyment greatly depends on the amount of planning you will exert towards your cruising vacation. Thus, it is important that when planning for a cruising weekend, you need to make sure to take care of the following considerations for a safe, peaceful and fun weekend at the sea.

Rates and budget

Like in all summer destinations in the world, an appropriation of the right budget must be commensurate to the rates of the travel company that offers the services you need for a swell vacation. In the case of a cruising weekend at the Whitsunday Islands, you have to be informed and you have to have access to the different rates of Whitsunday charters so that you do not go overboard your proposed travel budget. For charter companies in general, rates are different during the mid season, the peak season and the summer season wherein the rates are naturally and obviously steeper during the peak months specifically between September 1 to October 31 and December 24 to January 7. A lot of different holidays are celebrated during these months, thus it is important that if you want to celebrate Christmas or New Year on a yacht, prepare very well for it budget wise.

Economy, Premium or Luxury?

Depending on the group you are travelling with on your cruising weekend, it is important that you use that factor in deciding on whether to go on an economy cruise, a regular cruise or a luxury cruise. Generally speaking, economy cruises are best for travelling families. Premium cruises are perfect for travelers who just want to spend their time on the deck of the cruise getting a tan, doing nothing but pure relaxation with very little activities to do towards the end of the day. Luxury cruise lines are ideal for the upscale vacationers who want to be pampered with very carefully and personally by the onboard crew. The choice is yours. Depending on your travel group, and inevitably on your travel budget, you know what to choose between the 3 cruising types.

Map out itineraries

The Whitsunday Islands is home to 74 beautiful islands. Know the different islands you want to visit, then look for a cruise company that travels to these islands you want to see. The only downside of going on a Whitsunday cruising weekend is that you cannot come up with a custom itinerary with places that you truly want to visit. Either you charter a bareboat on your own or have a skippered arrangement wherein the itinerary you make is the one they will follow. However, bareboat and skippered charters are time consuming and might exhaust your energies more than a cruising escapade.

Bring clothing fit for the dress code

Cruises are far more formal and exclusive especially with the fact that there are strict dress codes that guests on board must strictly comply to. When planning your cruising weekend, make sure to have an ample amount of clothing in your travel bag. Have enough clothing pieces that you can wear during the day, during the afternoon, at mid-day and during the evening. Some cruise lines hold social events during the evening wherein guests need to be in their best formal clothing. That said, in order not to be lost in the crowd, make sure that you have enough clothing pieces fit to the proposed dress code and that you are in compliance with the rules of Whitsunday charters you want to hire at all times.

The Pros and Cons of Bareboat Charters


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SANYO DIGITAL CAMERALike in any decision that we have to make in life, going for a bareboat charter on your next summer vacation has its own set of pros and cons. For us who do not have a boat to call our own, such charter and rental opportunities can help us realise our want and need of an adventurous summer vacation. Boats do come with a huge price tag, and it is even considered a luxury even to those who can afford to buy one on the fly. Aside from the huge price tag one has to pay, boats have to be in constant maintenance even during seasons where a boat is not advised to be set to sail. Maintenance and repair are costly as well thus going for a bareboat charter instead of actually owning one can be a good and practical choice. With a charter to rent a boat from during the season where you want to be in one with the sea, you will only be paying for the duration the boat will be yours and you can avail of other services and perks from the charter company. Since some boats are literally bare when you rent it for an entire week, you might have to bring in your own food and your own toiletries. However, some charters provide the option of offering you boat outfitting such as food and toiletries on board as well as courses on how to operate and maneuver a boat on your own. If you want a boat that you will skipper yourself, getting a hand on refresher sailing courses can be helpful to get your familiarity and your senses on the boat’s controls. Moreover, with a charter to make transactions with, you can be assured that you will be insured all throughout the duration of your rental.

On the other side of the spectrum, going for a chartered arrangement means you have to make your bookings and reservations well in advance especially during the peak seasons. During the summer, a lot of vacationers would have one summer activity in mind, and that is usually a skippered boat for their island hopping activities. You have to make sure to be ahead of everybody else, and that you make your summer plans in advance and finalised early so you do not end up with ceiling rental prices to pay. Also, if the location of the charter base is quite far from where you live, you might have to arrive near the vicinity of the charter’s base a night before your sail date just so you will not miss out on your boat reservation. There are rentals that lease boats during the early morning, thus it is important to set your alarms early so you will not miss your booking. Also, with a charter, your itinerary might be limited to some locations, and there might be islands that you cannot traverse to because it is a limitation in your agreement. Nevertheless, plan around the allowed territories of bareboat charters for your safety, security and compliance.

Enjoy Whitsunday Islands aboard a Yacht


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Bareboat CharterIn this lifetime, a sailing trip to a miraculously beautiful island is a must in every avid traveler’s bucket list. Sometimes, it is so easy to be content with the beauty of nature that we readily see in our surroundings or in places that will only require us to ride a bus or board an airplane. However, if we exert a little more effort in terms of widening our travel experiences and the places we get to know to love, the Whitsundays Island at Queensland, Australia should not be an exception. And if you will be convinced to really visit Whitsundays, then renting a boat charter Whitsundays is the next step of your travel agenda.

The Whitsundays Islands are the Hamptons of Australia. Quite unadulterated and pristine in its literal and figurative sense, the Whitsundays Island is every vacationer’s haven who wishes to experience luxury and the natural richness of the seas. If you want to exhaust your time aboard a boat charter Whitsundays, you might find this suggested itinerary of islands to visit helpful and interesting to get your planning started.

hamilton-island-aerial2Kick off your first day aboard your rented charter by heading on to Nara Inlet on Hook Island. Previously home to aboriginal people, this place is still home to several caves and a raging waterfall. Stopping by this island and spending your first night aboard your rented boat is perfect for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. You can enjoy the wonderful and colorful coral growths and its other underwater creatures. Just be careful though for jellyfish stings.

You can move on next to Cid Harbor where you can frolic on the white sand beaches of Dugong and enjoy an afternoon working on your tan. Anything goes once a person is by a beautiful beach. Play beach volley with your travel mates or even enjoy the sunset over a few beers with your companions. You can also tread the island towards the Whitsunday Peak where you can enjoy a view of the island in its most pristine form. Take panoramic shots of the view by the peak for a travel memorabilia.

whitsAfter a rather chill and steady day at Cid Harbor, you might want to transfer to the Hamilton Island where you and your friends can rent a golf cart buggy to explore the different elements of the island. Also, if you want to witness a race yachting festival, you might want to schedule your yachting trip on the month of August and join the Hamilton Island Race Week Yachting Festival. There are other sporting events that take place in this island such as the Hamilton Island Triathlon, Hamilton Island Cup (a canoe racing event) and the Hilly Half Marathon (a cross-country running event). If you want to add more fun to your yachting escapade and go beyond the diving, snorkeling and other water activities you have been accustomed with, you definitely should make a stopover at the Hamilton Island for a more memorable vacation experience.

Again, a memorable yachting experience requires a boat charter Whitsundays rental that you can count on. Make sure that if you want to enjoy the islands of Whitsundays even during the peak season such as summer, make sure to make the necessary arrangements early on.

What You Need to Know When Booking a Yacht Charter Whitsunday Island


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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGoing on a vacation means you know every little aspect of the trip that you are planning to get into. For the adventurous and the lovers of the outdoors, nothing beats an island hopping escapade for your upcoming summer vacation. Going on a yachting trip may be the best way you can go about this activity idea that you have in mind. Thus it is important to make sure that you know everything about the yacht charter Whitsunday Island you want to hire so that they can also answer your questions and worries before you even seal the booking.

If you are planning to go on a yachting escapade for the summer, it is best that you arrange your bookings and reservations a month prior to your desired date of trip. Since most yachts are set to sail for a week, it is prudent that you are sure that you and your travel mates will be available on vacation for a full week. In some charters, it is cheaper and more practical to push for a full week instead of trimming it down to 5 days or 6. You also need to make sure that the charter’s itinerary for that week matches yours so that you will be sure to maximise your time while you are on board. In order to enjoy the whole stretch and the different destinations in the Whitsundays Island, a good 7 days will satiate your need for wonderful sceneries, water activities and a legitimate tan.

billbob-bay-shaw-islandIf you are bringing kids with you to your trip, it best to ask the charter if they allow children on board. In most instances, yachts will provide a minimum age requirement or if kids do not meet the age requirement, a constant parent or nanny will be required in order to ensure that the kids are safe the entire trip. Yachts are not exactly child-proof, and it is the responsibility of the accompanying adult to make sure that kids are nowhere near harm. Moreover, there are no babysitting services on board, and couples who will go on a yacht with their kids in tow should be mindful of their children’s welfare all throughout the trip.

Tipping is customary especially when eating in good restaurants where the service was satisfying, but the question of whether to tip the service crew of the yacht still depends upon your discretion. Tipping is allowed and very much appreciated in yachts, with 10% of the charter fee as a standard tipping fee. It is essential through that these gratuities are distributed to the captain or once you go back to the base so that the tips can be distributed evenly among the crew and the service personnel on board.

Whitsunday Yachts CharterWhen going on a yacht, it is important that you bring your personal items with you namely your cash and your toiletries since at some point during your yachting week; you will definitely be urged to buy something on board. Food and drinks are usually not part of the charter fee; therefore you need to bring cash with you for your meals. Also, bringing your toiletries with you is important since replenishment of bathing items is not usually included. To make the most fun out of your yacht charter Whitsunday Islands, make sure to ask, inquire and clarify everything that you have questions about either to the representative of the charter company or the broker who is arranging the trip for you.

Yaching Australia: Go Bareboat or Crewed?


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Charter yachts WhitsundaysYachting Australia is always a popular choice of vacation activity. After all, the more a vacation is spent outdoors, the more fun and enjoyable it is. While land vacations can be exciting, thrilling and invigorating, nothing beats the serenity and the calmness the sea can bring to vacationers. This is also the reason why when the summer season arrives; yacht rentals are at its peak. Enjoying the summer sun with the waves and the sea is truly incomparable.

However, if you are going on a yachting escapade, you have to ask yourself whether you will go for a bareboat arrangement or a crewed arrangement. If you are eyeing on Whitsunday charter boats for your upcoming summer trip, you can ask the charter company if you can choose between having a chartered bareboat or a crewed charter. Essentially, a chartered arrangement means you will be renting a motor yacht or a motor boat in order for you to enjoy the many beautiful islands or the different coastal destinations set for you in the sea. If you know how to operate a motor yacht or a motor boat or if you are confident with your seafaring skills, then a bareboat arrangement is more amenable to you. With a bareboat arrangement, you are your own captain and main navigator all throughout your island hopping vacation. What is essential here is the skill to handle a motor boat, and that you are confident enough to take charge of you and your travel group’s safety while on sea. For vacationers who want a bareboat that they will skipper themselves, usually a license is required in order to assess one’s capacity to maneuver a sea vessel. There are also charter companies that provide the basics of seamanship in order to equip vacationers the capacity to take control of the boat entirely by themselves. On the other hand, if you want a yachting Australia experience minus the fuss of operating your own charter, then you can opt for a crewed arrangement wherein a skipper comes with your hired motor boat. A skipper will be delegated with the task of operating the boat, and take you on the different islands you want to visit. A skipper is an option for vacationers who do not know how to operate a boat, or just not confident in their skills to handle a boat because of the lack of experience or because it has been too long since they last operated a boat on their own. Aside from a skipper, a crewed arrangement may have an on-board staff complete with a chef and a service crew. This is a perfect idea for corporate yachting events or a family yachting trip of about 10 to 15 members. Like a hotel, a crewed yachting arrangement can let you experience 5-star treatment while you are on sea.

It takes great effort to come up with a memorable vacation; one that you will likely do over and over again. If you want a go-to vacation activity, you should definitely put Whitsunday charter boats on your list of options.

What You Need to Know When Booking a Yacht Charter


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south-molle-beachLooking for a charter yachts Whitsundays can be stressful especially if your specific requirements do not match with the charters available for you to hire. During peak season where almost everyone wants to be on a yacht or a motor boat, you definitely have to put you’re A-game on and fix the necessary bookings and reservations way ahead of time. Like when booking for plane tickets or hotel rooms, you need to outsmart fellow yachting vacationers in order to secure a boat that will accommodate your needs and the group you are travelling with.

There are different yacht types you have to consider, and you can choose from a motor yacht or a sailing yacht. Whatever your option is, what is essential is that you know how to operate a yacht or if not, you should have a hired skipper to maneuver the sea vessel for you. There are charter companies that provide the basics of seafaring, and this is handy for vacationers who do not want a skipper and be the one handling the controls of the vessel. This basic course can also be handy as a refresher for those who do know how to operate a yacht but have forgotten the familiarity due to years of non-yachting experience.

Since there are different kinds of yachts, the prices and rates on a weekly basis also changes. There are rates that can start at 25,000 dollars to as much as 100,000 dollars. Yachting escapades truly are very luxurious, and it entails a significant amount of money for spending. The prices and rates also differ according to the travel destination of choice. Today, there are a lot of islands one can visit, and having a sea vessel as a means of transportation can make everything smooth sailing as possible. Also, prices and rates vary according to the number of guests sleeping in. If you are travelling with a small group for a weekend vacation, then you can at least be able to accommodate your travel party in a relatively smaller boat. However, if this is a corporate yachting event, you will need a bigger and more expensive charter to avail of.

If you are new in booking charter yachts Whitsundays, you can get a few starting tips by getting the help of a trusted and experienced broker. Working with a broker is pretty much the same as hiring the services of a travel agency. However, their knowledge will come in extra handy since they know very well the different ranges and kinds of yachts, the amenities for each company, the overall ambience and service of the yacht and other detailed knowledge that are all based from his or her personal experiences. If you are eyeing on a crewed yacht, which means the yacht has an on-board crew such as service personnel, chefs and even a skipper, your broker can find the best vessel for your requirements and budget. All you need is to fill up several preference sheets and allot a budget, and those will serve as the basis for the charter he or she will look for you.