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billbob-bay-shaw-islandFor the people who love to go sightseeing or to have a relaxing getaway, then the place to be is Whitsunday Island. The island is famous for its crystal clear waters and dazzling white sand beaches. It also has amazing coral reefs and majestic bush lands. The island is located on the North East Coast of Australia; actually it’s over an hour’s flight from North of Brisbane. The outer Great Barrier Reef protects some seventy-four islands from the ocean since they lie on water. The majority of the islands have prominent national parks surrounded by resorts and tourist activities. A perfect setting is when the tourists are able to cruise the magnificent island via hired boats. As a matter of fact, what most tourists really look out for is the Whitsunday Charter Yachts that can enable them to enjoy their vacation there sightseeing the Great Barrier Reef.

Whitsunday charter boats in fact provide the most ideal means of transportation. This is because of their flexible itinerary that gives the tourists the opportunity to visit the finest tourists’ spots in various islands. When one goes for the Whitsunday Charter Yachts, they are bound to enjoy the fine white sand that is found in Whitehaven Beach. Other forms of attraction include the striking landscape of Hook Island, and of course the eye-catching clear waters of Manta Ray Bay.

There are so many boats for hire in case one is planning to visit the island. These are; the yacht, boats or sailboats, and the catamarans. One can choose any of the above depending on schedule or even the kind of planned activities. The most common ones are the Whitsunday charter boats and Whitsunday charter yachts. The yachts are the luxurious ones and they are usually chartered for a limited period and also restricted to some specific areas. Making memorable moments with the yacht can be a reality because they normally have professional crew. There is also a masseuse and an on board chef.

Whitsunday boat charter comes fully fitted with all the necessary paraphernalia for complete sailing in the sea. They come with gas barbecue and linen. There is also refrigeration and compartment fans. For the music lovers, there is a compact disc player, iPod connection AM/FM stereo just to make sure they don’t miss out on their favourite music as they enjoy the beautiful scenery. Electric anchor winch is included too as well as a rigid inflatable dingy.

Whether it is the adventurous and thrill seekers’ type or those who want a peaceful vacation, visiting the beautiful beaches and other glamorous places on the island provides memorable experiences. Depending on the people’s interest, there is always a particular rationale that boarding a hired boat is definitely going to be worth every single penny used. The next time someone is out looking for a place to lazy around, then Whitsunday Island is the place to spend a good time with your loved ones. While there, to make the most out of it, one should consider Whitsunday Charter Yachts and Whitsunday Charter Boats.