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hamilton-island-aerial2When you are on a vacation trip to exotic holiday locations like Australia, you do not want to miss experiencing the fun and luxury of charter yachts. With beautiful beaches and islands Australia is known for, yacht chartering is one of the favourite and popular activities there. There are many other similar locations in the world best known for yacht chartering like the Caribbean, Vancouver Island in San Francisco North America, Thailand, Malaysia and Mediterranean in Croatia, etc.

There are two options available for chartering the boats. One is called crewed charter where a crew accompanies you that include captain, stewards, scuba diving trainers, etc and this is ideal for people who do not know to ride the boat or new to the location. But for people with experience of boating can go for bareboat charter where you can hire a boat or a cabin and cruise around yourself with your family or friends. But there are certain safety standards that your must strictly follow as per the instructions given to you so you do not come across any troubles in the water.

Types of Charter Yachts

There are different types of boats to choose from for a charter yacht. Catamaran charter is one of the most popular types of luxurious boats with spacious salon, sun decks for comfortable lounging, very less stairs, private sleeping quarters and ability to easily navigate in shallow waters. And because catamarans do not roll much, they are ideal even for people with sea sickness. These are ideal for 4 to 6 people. Crewed motor yacht chartering is another luxurious boat with crew that provide hotel like services. These come with normally 4 cabins and ideal for 2 to 4 couples. Most of these catamarans offer various facilities like on boat entertainment, plush cabins, hot tubs, and internet access and exercise rooms.

Yacht chartering can be cheaper or expensive depending on your requirements. If you are in a large group who are sharing a big charter yacht that accommodates 8 to 10 people then it may not be that expensive but if you are going for private charter for a couple or family then it will be expensive. But for the kind of luxury, amenities and privacy you get, it is really worth whatever the price is. And most couples and families who go on vacation to bay areas prefer private charters.

Benefits of Charter Yacht

There are many advantages of hiring a charter yachts. One can explore different places and enjoy the experience of adventure and fun at the same time. Yachts with crew like captain, stewards and special scuba trainers can be really fun as you can get complete experience of good food, great exploring and scuba diving which is the most popular activity these days. The combination of freedom and adventure you get on a boat is simply addictive that you want to come back for more. Another best part of yacht charter is you get complete privacy with no holiday crowds around you when you are on sea and allows you to go to desirable locations.