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Charter yachts WhitsundaysYachting Australia is always a popular choice of vacation activity. After all, the more a vacation is spent outdoors, the more fun and enjoyable it is. While land vacations can be exciting, thrilling and invigorating, nothing beats the serenity and the calmness the sea can bring to vacationers. This is also the reason why when the summer season arrives; yacht rentals are at its peak. Enjoying the summer sun with the waves and the sea is truly incomparable.

However, if you are going on a yachting escapade, you have to ask yourself whether you will go for a bareboat arrangement or a crewed arrangement. If you are eyeing on Whitsunday charter boats for your upcoming summer trip, you can ask the charter company if you can choose between having a chartered bareboat or a crewed charter. Essentially, a chartered arrangement means you will be renting a motor yacht or a motor boat in order for you to enjoy the many beautiful islands or the different coastal destinations set for you in the sea. If you know how to operate a motor yacht or a motor boat or if you are confident with your seafaring skills, then a bareboat arrangement is more amenable to you. With a bareboat arrangement, you are your own captain and main navigator all throughout your island hopping vacation. What is essential here is the skill to handle a motor boat, and that you are confident enough to take charge of you and your travel group’s safety while on sea. For vacationers who want a bareboat that they will skipper themselves, usually a license is required in order to assess one’s capacity to maneuver a sea vessel. There are also charter companies that provide the basics of seamanship in order to equip vacationers the capacity to take control of the boat entirely by themselves. On the other hand, if you want a yachting Australia experience minus the fuss of operating your own charter, then you can opt for a crewed arrangement wherein a skipper comes with your hired motor boat. A skipper will be delegated with the task of operating the boat, and take you on the different islands you want to visit. A skipper is an option for vacationers who do not know how to operate a boat, or just not confident in their skills to handle a boat because of the lack of experience or because it has been too long since they last operated a boat on their own. Aside from a skipper, a crewed arrangement may have an on-board staff complete with a chef and a service crew. This is a perfect idea for corporate yachting events or a family yachting trip of about 10 to 15 members. Like a hotel, a crewed yachting arrangement can let you experience 5-star treatment while you are on sea.

It takes great effort to come up with a memorable vacation; one that you will likely do over and over again. If you want a go-to vacation activity, you should definitely put Whitsunday charter boats on your list of options.