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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGoing on a vacation means you know every little aspect of the trip that you are planning to get into. For the adventurous and the lovers of the outdoors, nothing beats an island hopping escapade for your upcoming summer vacation. Going on a yachting trip may be the best way you can go about this activity idea that you have in mind. Thus it is important to make sure that you know everything about the yacht charter Whitsunday Island you want to hire so that they can also answer your questions and worries before you even seal the booking.

If you are planning to go on a yachting escapade for the summer, it is best that you arrange your bookings and reservations a month prior to your desired date of trip. Since most yachts are set to sail for a week, it is prudent that you are sure that you and your travel mates will be available on vacation for a full week. In some charters, it is cheaper and more practical to push for a full week instead of trimming it down to 5 days or 6. You also need to make sure that the charter’s itinerary for that week matches yours so that you will be sure to maximise your time while you are on board. In order to enjoy the whole stretch and the different destinations in the Whitsundays Island, a good 7 days will satiate your need for wonderful sceneries, water activities and a legitimate tan.

billbob-bay-shaw-islandIf you are bringing kids with you to your trip, it best to ask the charter if they allow children on board. In most instances, yachts will provide a minimum age requirement or if kids do not meet the age requirement, a constant parent or nanny will be required in order to ensure that the kids are safe the entire trip. Yachts are not exactly child-proof, and it is the responsibility of the accompanying adult to make sure that kids are nowhere near harm. Moreover, there are no babysitting services on board, and couples who will go on a yacht with their kids in tow should be mindful of their children’s welfare all throughout the trip.

Tipping is customary especially when eating in good restaurants where the service was satisfying, but the question of whether to tip the service crew of the yacht still depends upon your discretion. Tipping is allowed and very much appreciated in yachts, with 10% of the charter fee as a standard tipping fee. It is essential through that these gratuities are distributed to the captain or once you go back to the base so that the tips can be distributed evenly among the crew and the service personnel on board.

Whitsunday Yachts CharterWhen going on a yacht, it is important that you bring your personal items with you namely your cash and your toiletries since at some point during your yachting week; you will definitely be urged to buy something on board. Food and drinks are usually not part of the charter fee; therefore you need to bring cash with you for your meals. Also, bringing your toiletries with you is important since replenishment of bathing items is not usually included. To make the most fun out of your yacht charter Whitsunday Islands, make sure to ask, inquire and clarify everything that you have questions about either to the representative of the charter company or the broker who is arranging the trip for you.