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Bareboat CharterIn this lifetime, a sailing trip to a miraculously beautiful island is a must in every avid traveler’s bucket list. Sometimes, it is so easy to be content with the beauty of nature that we readily see in our surroundings or in places that will only require us to ride a bus or board an airplane. However, if we exert a little more effort in terms of widening our travel experiences and the places we get to know to love, the Whitsundays Island at Queensland, Australia should not be an exception. And if you will be convinced to really visit Whitsundays, then renting a boat charter Whitsundays is the next step of your travel agenda.

The Whitsundays Islands are the Hamptons of Australia. Quite unadulterated and pristine in its literal and figurative sense, the Whitsundays Island is every vacationer’s haven who wishes to experience luxury and the natural richness of the seas. If you want to exhaust your time aboard a boat charter Whitsundays, you might find this suggested itinerary of islands to visit helpful and interesting to get your planning started.

hamilton-island-aerial2Kick off your first day aboard your rented charter by heading on to Nara Inlet on Hook Island. Previously home to aboriginal people, this place is still home to several caves and a raging waterfall. Stopping by this island and spending your first night aboard your rented boat is perfect for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. You can enjoy the wonderful and colorful coral growths and its other underwater creatures. Just be careful though for jellyfish stings.

You can move on next to Cid Harbor where you can frolic on the white sand beaches of Dugong and enjoy an afternoon working on your tan. Anything goes once a person is by a beautiful beach. Play beach volley with your travel mates or even enjoy the sunset over a few beers with your companions. You can also tread the island towards the Whitsunday Peak where you can enjoy a view of the island in its most pristine form. Take panoramic shots of the view by the peak for a travel memorabilia.

whitsAfter a rather chill and steady day at Cid Harbor, you might want to transfer to the Hamilton Island where you and your friends can rent a golf cart buggy to explore the different elements of the island. Also, if you want to witness a race yachting festival, you might want to schedule your yachting trip on the month of August and join the Hamilton Island Race Week Yachting Festival. There are other sporting events that take place in this island such as the Hamilton Island Triathlon, Hamilton Island Cup (a canoe racing event) and the Hilly Half Marathon (a cross-country running event). If you want to add more fun to your yachting escapade and go beyond the diving, snorkeling and other water activities you have been accustomed with, you definitely should make a stopover at the Hamilton Island for a more memorable vacation experience.

Again, a memorable yachting experience requires a boat charter Whitsundays rental that you can count on. Make sure that if you want to enjoy the islands of Whitsundays even during the peak season such as summer, make sure to make the necessary arrangements early on.