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SANYO DIGITAL CAMERALike in any decision that we have to make in life, going for a bareboat charter on your next summer vacation has its own set of pros and cons. For us who do not have a boat to call our own, such charter and rental opportunities can help us realise our want and need of an adventurous summer vacation. Boats do come with a huge price tag, and it is even considered a luxury even to those who can afford to buy one on the fly. Aside from the huge price tag one has to pay, boats have to be in constant maintenance even during seasons where a boat is not advised to be set to sail. Maintenance and repair are costly as well thus going for a bareboat charter instead of actually owning one can be a good and practical choice. With a charter to rent a boat from during the season where you want to be in one with the sea, you will only be paying for the duration the boat will be yours and you can avail of other services and perks from the charter company. Since some boats are literally bare when you rent it for an entire week, you might have to bring in your own food and your own toiletries. However, some charters provide the option of offering you boat outfitting such as food and toiletries on board as well as courses on how to operate and maneuver a boat on your own. If you want a boat that you will skipper yourself, getting a hand on refresher sailing courses can be helpful to get your familiarity and your senses on the boat’s controls. Moreover, with a charter to make transactions with, you can be assured that you will be insured all throughout the duration of your rental.

On the other side of the spectrum, going for a chartered arrangement means you have to make your bookings and reservations well in advance especially during the peak seasons. During the summer, a lot of vacationers would have one summer activity in mind, and that is usually a skippered boat for their island hopping activities. You have to make sure to be ahead of everybody else, and that you make your summer plans in advance and finalised early so you do not end up with ceiling rental prices to pay. Also, if the location of the charter base is quite far from where you live, you might have to arrive near the vicinity of the charter’s base a night before your sail date just so you will not miss out on your boat reservation. There are rentals that lease boats during the early morning, thus it is important to set your alarms early so you will not miss your booking. Also, with a charter, your itinerary might be limited to some locations, and there might be islands that you cannot traverse to because it is a limitation in your agreement. Nevertheless, plan around the allowed territories of bareboat charters for your safety, security and compliance.