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Going a Whitsunday cruising weekend can be an exciting one especially for people who are generally fond of being one with the sea during the holidays or during the summer season. The amount of enjoyment greatly depends on the amount of planning you will exert towards your cruising vacation. Thus, it is important that when planning for a cruising weekend, you need to make sure to take care of the following considerations for a safe, peaceful and fun weekend at the sea.

Rates and budget

Like in all summer destinations in the world, an appropriation of the right budget must be commensurate to the rates of the travel company that offers the services you need for a swell vacation. In the case of a cruising weekend at the Whitsunday Islands, you have to be informed and you have to have access to the different rates of Whitsunday charters so that you do not go overboard your proposed travel budget. For charter companies in general, rates are different during the mid season, the peak season and the summer season wherein the rates are naturally and obviously steeper during the peak months specifically between September 1 to October 31 and December 24 to January 7. A lot of different holidays are celebrated during these months, thus it is important that if you want to celebrate Christmas or New Year on a yacht, prepare very well for it budget wise.

Economy, Premium or Luxury?

Depending on the group you are travelling with on your cruising weekend, it is important that you use that factor in deciding on whether to go on an economy cruise, a regular cruise or a luxury cruise. Generally speaking, economy cruises are best for travelling families. Premium cruises are perfect for travelers who just want to spend their time on the deck of the cruise getting a tan, doing nothing but pure relaxation with very little activities to do towards the end of the day. Luxury cruise lines are ideal for the upscale vacationers who want to be pampered with very carefully and personally by the onboard crew. The choice is yours. Depending on your travel group, and inevitably on your travel budget, you know what to choose between the 3 cruising types.

Map out itineraries

The Whitsunday Islands is home to 74 beautiful islands. Know the different islands you want to visit, then look for a cruise company that travels to these islands you want to see. The only downside of going on a Whitsunday cruising weekend is that you cannot come up with a custom itinerary with places that you truly want to visit. Either you charter a bareboat on your own or have a skippered arrangement wherein the itinerary you make is the one they will follow. However, bareboat and skippered charters are time consuming and might exhaust your energies more than a cruising escapade.

Bring clothing fit for the dress code

Cruises are far more formal and exclusive especially with the fact that there are strict dress codes that guests on board must strictly comply to. When planning your cruising weekend, make sure to have an ample amount of clothing in your travel bag. Have enough clothing pieces that you can wear during the day, during the afternoon, at mid-day and during the evening. Some cruise lines hold social events during the evening wherein guests need to be in their best formal clothing. That said, in order not to be lost in the crowd, make sure that you have enough clothing pieces fit to the proposed dress code and that you are in compliance with the rules of Whitsunday charters you want to hire at all times.