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ImageIf you are planning on what summer escapade to book, you can consider bare boat charters Whitsundays on your list. However, when it comes to a sailing vacation, you need to make sure that your safety comes first before your comfort and pleasure. Why? It is because sailing is a water activity, and if you are unprepared while you are at sea, you can never estimate the possible damage and danger you may meet. Of course, as with all things in the world, there are always 2 sides to everything. When talking about whether to go for bareboat charters or not, you need to weigh down your options.

Skippered or non-skippered

If you are going for a bareboat arrangement, you will be taking full control of the navigation of the sail boat while you are at sea. This means that you should be qualified and licensed to begin with on manually operating and navigating a boat. This particular navigational requirement is the deal maker, and in some cases, the deal breaker for sailing vacationers. For vacationers who are excited to go sailing and simply want to avail of bareboat charters, you need to be practical and realistic with the situation. Wanting to sail on your own is too risky a choice rather than wanting to sail and knowing how to do it. If you want to go bare boating, make sure that you have enough education, training and practice prior to your sailing vacation. There are charter companies that offer bareboat training as one of their many services, and if they feel that you are fit and ready to manually operate and navigate a boat, then you can be allowed to set out on your own at sea together with your travel companions.

Full amenities or not

There are vacationers who simply want to relax, veg out and be comfortable more than anything else during their trip. The amenities that come with a travel package can also be the deciding factor on whether this particular vacation will be a relaxing and comfortable one. However, it is important to note that bare boat charters Whitsundays are usually rid off any amenities unless you specifically request for some inclusions that you need to pay for along with the current rate for bareboat charters. For some bareboat arrangements, you need to bring your own personal toiletries, swimming gears, food and even your cooking utensils so you can prepare your meals. There are charters that can include all these on your charter agreement provided that you will pay extra for these. If you are not entirely sold on this camp-like excursion at sea, it is suggested that you go for crewed charters where there are service personnel on board to guarantee your vacation a relaxing and comfortable one. Crewed charters may come off as more expensive but if you are the type of vacationer that prioritises comfort and relaxation more than anything else, maybe a bareboat arrangement is not the perfect fit for your preferences.

Flexible itinerary or planned one

The perks, of course, of going for bare boats is that you are the king of the boat. You follow your own itinerary, and you can be as flexible as you want to be since you can decide on the islands that you want to visit and the islands that you want to skip. If you go for the other one, you will be confined to the planned itinerary of the charter company. Granted that your own itinerary in mind matches the one that is to be followed by the crewed charter, then you are in luck. However, if you want to have that kick of adventure to your vacation, then it is probably best to go for bare boat charters Whitsundays.