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A Whitsunday cruising vacation means a lot of sun and water activities ahead. After all the planning and booking with your Whitsunday charters of your choice, you definitely should focus your energy and your attention to the essentials that you need to pack in your travel bag. Since most cruises are best enjoyed for 3 days and more rather than just a 2-day weekend, you need to pack light while still making sure that your cruising essentials are with you. After all, if you do not pack light and smart during your cruising vacation, you might not be able to enjoy your time while you are on board with a heavy travel bag trailing after you everywhere you go.

Clothing and apparel

The cardinal rule when it comes to packing for a Whitsunday cruising trip is to pack light for all kinds of occasions specifically for hot, wet and cool temperatures. Have your swimwear ready. It is best to pack as little as 2 or 3 sets of your bikinis or trunks and simply let it dry under the sun after so you have a newly dried one to use the following day. Pack yourself a sarong, a pair of shorts or your singlet so you have a cover up especially if you plan to eat in the in-house cafe or restaurant of the ship. Have long clothes to warm you up especially when the night time approaches, and the weather can get extra chilly by then. If there are formal dinners hosted on board, you also need to pack some of your formal wear so you can get access inside the hall. Dress codes are strict in all Whitsunday charters, and instead of finding yourself booted out simply because you did not follow the prescribed dress code, you might find yourself humiliated and not wanting to go back on a cruising vacation.

Medical Supplies and Toiletries

When it comes to an outdoor vacation, you need to be prepared with your personal essentials namely your medical supplies and toiletries. If you know that you have that susceptibility to sea sickness, have the right medications in your bag so you can easily pop a pill whenever you feel woozy from the boat ride. Sunscreen and sun block protection are also very important since you do not want to be too toasted during your cruising vacation. Have that sunscreen and sun block protection with the highest SPF so you stay protected no matter how long a time you spend your summer vacation under the sun. If you are planning on doing some water activities such as diving, snorkelling or paddling, have bandages with you and some topical creams that you can apply on your skin in case you encounter a rash or a wound. As for your toiletries, bring only your essentials as you do not want to stuff your bag with big bottles of your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. Try to keep your liquid-based toiletries in small sachet packs or tiny bottles. Instead of relying on Whitsunday charters for these very important travel essentials, might as well bring your own to avoid delays and hassles.

Photo Equipments

If this is your first time to go on a cruising vacation, better be prepared with your photo equipments to capture the moments. A good camera need not be an SLR or a fancy professional’s camera. Bring your own with enough batteries or films. If you are planning on doing some underwater activities during your Whitsunday cruising vacation, try to bring an underwater camera too.