A Bareboat Charter Australia like No Other


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Bareboat CharterA vacation is and will always be well-spent if celebrated outdoors such as in beach clubs and on the sea. Land trips are also fun, but nothing beats a sea adventure. When it comes to spending a really great time on the sea, you can triple the fun by hiring a bareboat charter Australia. With a rented bare boat  you are your own skipper, navigator and guide. The sea is yours for the taking, and everything else just flows with you and your itinerary. Granted that you know how to operate a boat, you are licensed to operate a bare boat  or a member of your travel group knows how and likewise licensed, then you should definitely consider getting a bare boat.

Thankfully today, a lot of charter companies can cater to the adventure-hungry sea travelers with a bare boat rental. Bare boating definitely is not an exclusive opportunity although there are people who privately own a boat. There are also those who do not given the charges and expenses it takes to own one and maintain one in the process. After all, since summer season arrives only once in a year, renting a bare boat instead of owning one can be more practical.

If you plan on visiting the 74 beautiful islands of Whitsundays, look for bare boat charters Whitsundays to make your bare boating dreams to the islands come true. You can go for a rental for a full weekend or a full week if you must. And if you are bringing your entire family with you, the island has something for everyone in your travel group.

A bare boating adventure is perfect if you want to disconnect totally from the outside world. You will definitely forget your curiosity about what your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram have been up to because you will find yourself busy enjoying the different bays doing swimming, snorkeling and a whole of other island activities. If you have been itching to learn how to dive or just wanting to be reunited with the sea again, going on a bare boating trip can facilitate your long overdue reunion with the water. Diving packages can be availed even before your trip has begun, and you can also have instructors guiding you on where to go once you are at sea. Mixing diving with your trip can make it more memorable and definitely one for the books. In bays and islands where your phone won’t work or you find that your mobile internet connection has been cut off, you need not worry since the radio on your boat will still get feeds from the base camp. With a bare boat charter Australia, you will definitely find yourself being a kid again. There is nothing like a bare boating experience since you can witness the wonderful marine life, dive with the turtles, watch the dolphins, and discover various schools of fish down under.

Preparing for this kind of trip means you also plan ahead. It is essential that you make your bookings and make all your research for the best charter to hire so you won’t end up having a hard time reserving a slot come the summer season.


What to Look for In a Yacht Charter


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142524If a yachting summer vacation is currently in the works, it is best that you immediately refine your searches to yacht charter Whitsundays. With that refinement, you can expect only good choices among the list of excellent ones. So, you and your family are planning on a yachting escapade this coming summer. You want to exhaust all the activities that you can do given the 3-day, 4-night yachting adventure that you are planning to book. Of course, now that you have secured an exclusive time with the ocean, you can get a tan, snorkel, do dive fishing and basically just swim anytime during that time of your booking. However, it is important that even before you express your intention of booking the yacht charter of your choice, you have to look for and secure the following first:

1. The amenities. Like in any summer accommodation, yachts should be packed with the kind of amenities that you want and need in order to have a wonderful and splendid stay. Yachts are not an exception to this rule. In fact, the expectation is that the amenities must be high-quality and aplenty in rented yachts because that will serve as your abode for the entire duration of your booking. It is not as if room service can come and knock on your yacht door for a shampoo or a soap refill. When booking for a yacht charter Whitsunday Islands, inspect the quality and quantity of the amenities. Just to be safe, you might want to bring in some of your personal amenities for emergencies.

2. Experienced and accommodating crew. Yacht service is a great factor that should influence your decision whether to book a charter with that yacht company or not. The crew must be able to brief you on the current weather conditions, how to navigate the yacht and the important aspects of the yacht that you need to be aware about. Setting out to sea on a yacht requires a certain level of experience and confidence, and it is important that the person who will be navigating you around the sea will not put you in harm’s way. For your peace of mind, you may ask for certifications or licenses that the navigator is indeed capable of helping you ensure a safe and fun yachting trip.

3. Insurance. Of course, even with all safety and security precautions in place, you can never be too sure about what can possibly happen while you are at sea. If you are insured by the charter, then you can realize that they have your best interests at heart. An insurance package will let you know that should anything happen to you while you and your travel companions are at sea, the charter company will take care of you no matter what.

4. Good weather. Summers are best for yachting. However, if you do not want to beat the yachting crowd during this time of the year, you can still align your sail at the time of the year when the weather is amenable but not necessarily during high peak.

To Go on a Yacht Hire Whitsundays or Not?


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airline-beachTesting the waters for your next summer vacation need not be boxed on a trip abroad via an airplane or a modest bus ride to the beach. We are all not getting any younger and the more that we exhaust our youth towards fun and exciting adventures, the more we can say that we had a life well lived to our grandchildren. Considering Yacht Hire Whitsundays is a good start for an extremely exciting summer vacation. Lying on the sand on the beach, which you share with a hundred more people getting a tan, is too underrated. Going on a yachting adventure is definitely twice or even thrice the thrill of going on a beach trip.

If you are apprehensive about going on a yachting escapade with your equally apprehensive yet thrill-seeking friends, you might want to put your apprehensions on the table and assess them one by one. Is fear of being washed away by the ocean killing your excitement? Are you scared that a tiny mistake in the navigation of the yacht will topple you and your friends over the ocean? Who will come to your aid and rescue should an unfortunate event happen? Will you be submerged in water with your friends and a lifeless, mechanical yacht that you barely know?

Of course, these yacht-related fears are valid, but it is important that these are proactively addressed by Yacht Charters Whitsundays to ensure you a clean, fun and safe yachting experience. Not all of us are born sailors and water babies, and it is comforting to know that yacht rental companies have a way of addressing our fears into something constructive.

Even before your rented yacht is given the go signal to set sail, the yacht rental company representative will make sure first that a member of your travel group knows how to navigate the yacht. If there is none, they can send a trained yacht navigator with you to traverse you on the different parts of the ocean or the sea. You need not worry about accidents from happening while you are at sea because the sailor who will tour you around is licensed, trained and insured for your peace of mind. Likewise, even if you are hundreds of miles away from the main island, you will still be constantly and regularly in touch with them via a radio box, which they will use to inform you of your current coordinates, what the weather will be like, what the wind direction is in the next couple of hours, and other water conditions that you need to be aware of. When the unimaginable happens, every yacht comes with rescue gears such as life vests, emergency whistles and radio units that will inform personnel on the main island that you need help.

With Yacht Charters Whitsundays, you can enjoy an intimate and uninterrupted summer vacation where the ocean is yours alone for the taking. Just imagine the many wonderful and beautiful sights that you will see as you traverse the ocean aboard your rented yacht. You can have all the time in the world for snorkeling, swimming and enjoying a good time with your friends. Yachts truly are every adventure-seeking traveler’s paradise.

Charter Yachts for a Luxury Ride


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hamilton-island-aerial2When you are on a vacation trip to exotic holiday locations like Australia, you do not want to miss experiencing the fun and luxury of charter yachts. With beautiful beaches and islands Australia is known for, yacht chartering is one of the favourite and popular activities there. There are many other similar locations in the world best known for yacht chartering like the Caribbean, Vancouver Island in San Francisco North America, Thailand, Malaysia and Mediterranean in Croatia, etc.

There are two options available for chartering the boats. One is called crewed charter where a crew accompanies you that include captain, stewards, scuba diving trainers, etc and this is ideal for people who do not know to ride the boat or new to the location. But for people with experience of boating can go for bareboat charter where you can hire a boat or a cabin and cruise around yourself with your family or friends. But there are certain safety standards that your must strictly follow as per the instructions given to you so you do not come across any troubles in the water.

Types of Charter Yachts

There are different types of boats to choose from for a charter yacht. Catamaran charter is one of the most popular types of luxurious boats with spacious salon, sun decks for comfortable lounging, very less stairs, private sleeping quarters and ability to easily navigate in shallow waters. And because catamarans do not roll much, they are ideal even for people with sea sickness. These are ideal for 4 to 6 people. Crewed motor yacht chartering is another luxurious boat with crew that provide hotel like services. These come with normally 4 cabins and ideal for 2 to 4 couples. Most of these catamarans offer various facilities like on boat entertainment, plush cabins, hot tubs, and internet access and exercise rooms.

Yacht chartering can be cheaper or expensive depending on your requirements. If you are in a large group who are sharing a big charter yacht that accommodates 8 to 10 people then it may not be that expensive but if you are going for private charter for a couple or family then it will be expensive. But for the kind of luxury, amenities and privacy you get, it is really worth whatever the price is. And most couples and families who go on vacation to bay areas prefer private charters.

Benefits of Charter Yacht

There are many advantages of hiring a charter yachts. One can explore different places and enjoy the experience of adventure and fun at the same time. Yachts with crew like captain, stewards and special scuba trainers can be really fun as you can get complete experience of good food, great exploring and scuba diving which is the most popular activity these days. The combination of freedom and adventure you get on a boat is simply addictive that you want to come back for more. Another best part of yacht charter is you get complete privacy with no holiday crowds around you when you are on sea and allows you to go to desirable locations.

Relaxing Getaway on Whitsunday Charter Yachts


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billbob-bay-shaw-islandFor the people who love to go sightseeing or to have a relaxing getaway, then the place to be is Whitsunday Island. The island is famous for its crystal clear waters and dazzling white sand beaches. It also has amazing coral reefs and majestic bush lands. The island is located on the North East Coast of Australia; actually it’s over an hour’s flight from North of Brisbane. The outer Great Barrier Reef protects some seventy-four islands from the ocean since they lie on water. The majority of the islands have prominent national parks surrounded by resorts and tourist activities. A perfect setting is when the tourists are able to cruise the magnificent island via hired boats. As a matter of fact, what most tourists really look out for is the Whitsunday Charter Yachts that can enable them to enjoy their vacation there sightseeing the Great Barrier Reef.

Whitsunday charter boats in fact provide the most ideal means of transportation. This is because of their flexible itinerary that gives the tourists the opportunity to visit the finest tourists’ spots in various islands. When one goes for the Whitsunday Charter Yachts, they are bound to enjoy the fine white sand that is found in Whitehaven Beach. Other forms of attraction include the striking landscape of Hook Island, and of course the eye-catching clear waters of Manta Ray Bay.

There are so many boats for hire in case one is planning to visit the island. These are; the yacht, boats or sailboats, and the catamarans. One can choose any of the above depending on schedule or even the kind of planned activities. The most common ones are the Whitsunday charter boats and Whitsunday charter yachts. The yachts are the luxurious ones and they are usually chartered for a limited period and also restricted to some specific areas. Making memorable moments with the yacht can be a reality because they normally have professional crew. There is also a masseuse and an on board chef.

Whitsunday boat charter comes fully fitted with all the necessary paraphernalia for complete sailing in the sea. They come with gas barbecue and linen. There is also refrigeration and compartment fans. For the music lovers, there is a compact disc player, iPod connection AM/FM stereo just to make sure they don’t miss out on their favourite music as they enjoy the beautiful scenery. Electric anchor winch is included too as well as a rigid inflatable dingy.

Whether it is the adventurous and thrill seekers’ type or those who want a peaceful vacation, visiting the beautiful beaches and other glamorous places on the island provides memorable experiences. Depending on the people’s interest, there is always a particular rationale that boarding a hired boat is definitely going to be worth every single penny used. The next time someone is out looking for a place to lazy around, then Whitsunday Island is the place to spend a good time with your loved ones. While there, to make the most out of it, one should consider Whitsunday Charter Yachts and Whitsunday Charter Boats.

Your Sailing Adventure Begins Now With Yachting Australia


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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you’re looking for adventure, thrilling sailing, eminence coastal miles for your next prerequisite and an opportunity to walk around some of the worlds best coastlines then yachting Australia including inshore and offshore racing, coastal cruising and passage-making is the better preference for anybody zealous concerning their sailing or boating. Deepen your knowledge and improve your sailing skills!

At the same time as sailing group arrange the most lively and trendy competitive recreational sailing or boating, other boating proceedings are also held world-wide like motor boat racing, canoeing, kayaking, and rowing are among the events which are organized around the world. Specialized boat or ship such as hydrofoils, hovercrafts, or private watercraft also keep is competitions involving test of equipment and skill. All such events are part of the larger world of yachting, if they are done for recreational or sporting purposes.

Sailing or boating also advocates us an immense message which we can be employs to conquer the hindrances in our life. Living lessons which can actually grant us a life span benefits that we can furthermore educate to our offspring like verdict ability, flexibility, management, cooperation and communication.

You’ll have the choice to get stuck in and show off your sailing skills as you aid the troop on deck, or just recline rear and relax while you cruise.
Sailing along stunning coastlines and drenched up some delight at breathtaking beach, you can swim, snorkel and scuba your way through captivating coral reefs. Once the day’s done and you’ve dropped fasten for the night, you can sit back and watch the sun go down over the crystal clear sea and share some ocean yarns with the rest of your new crew.

You don’t need any experience, only a desire to feel the excitement of sailing a beautiful yacht in one of the world’s finest cruising areas.

There is no superior approach to determine individuality of Australia than with the yachting activities there. Soothing sail over there is the just the perfect means to ending an added vacation day. In different instances we can see the advantage of running away to sea. There will be a silent moments that carve themselves into our reminiscence, where seas and skies present moments of clean loveliness.

There is nothing more we get pleasure from than sailing and exploring the astonishing beaches. Sailing expeditions are gregarious, adventurous where you will get together new troop buddies from around the world.

Yachting is a recreational sport which is energizing and diverting. This is an element of wellbeing favorable attribute. This is very much helpful to students, working peoples too, as they are always busy with their work life, house stuff, studies and lots of homework. Sailing or other recreational sports or activities rejuvenate their intellect from anxiety of workload in their leisure instance. It is an excellent manner of spending moment and entertainment as well, while you are free.

Yachting Australia values the sport for the pure enjoyment that sailing and boating bring to the public. It entrances to ensure continued independence of steering in the coastal marine area and unhindered access to sheltered bays for both delight and safety.

Whitsundays Yacht charters for Magical Sailing to Your Dream Destinations


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boatWhitsundays yacht charter holiday can be the most ideal option for adventurous people to explore some of the best cruising destinations in the world. All you need to do is choose when you are prepared to go on holidays and then choose the right yacht charter company that sails to some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Going for a yacht charters Whitsundays holiday is very famous in Australia. The Whitsundays islands are only a few miles away from the mainland of Australia and blessed with pleasant tropical weather.

There are many yacht charter Whitsundays companies who offer wonderful charter holidays where your sailing dream comes a true, and where you can do whatever you want. If you like an adventurous holiday, you can sail, swim, bushwalk, climb and do a lot more interesting things enjoying the warm and pleasant tropical breezes of the Whitsundays. You can picnic on the beach, read an interesting book, eat, drink, play beach games, surfing the water and walking on the beautiful beach for an absolute peace of mind and great fun.

The Whitsundays islands are some of the most beautiful islands in the world brimming with great natural beauty. The Whitsundays islands are located in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park which is not very far away off of the mainland Australia. It is very well protected from the ocean swells naturally by the Great Barrier Reef itself. You can enjoy extraordinary snorkelling and diving experiences that many superb anchorages offer to you. A great yacht charter Whitsundays stopover is Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island, which is the largest island in the Whitsundays. You can explore the popular Whitsunday Island Resorts located at Hamilton Island and Daydream Island.

When it comes to spending a short break or a week’s holidays or even longer, yacht charter Whitsundays are the best and most ideal option for you. You can enjoy a fabulous time relaxing in the sun on the deck of the marina or quay, strolling along a remote deserted beach, snorkelling around a coral reef, playing cricket on the beach or playing with the kids in the dinghy. You can take a bush walking through the beautiful National Parks. So if you are planning a great Whitsundays holiday yacht charter Whitsundays is the best option for you.

It is easy to hire a yacht charter for your holidays in Whitsundays. You can contact one of the companies, that best suits your requirements and budget, over phone. There are many luxury hotels and villas as well as budget ones to suit your needs and budget. There is a range of vessels to choose from. You have the option of using bareboat and skippered boat charters, crewed charters sailboat, powerboat, luxury yachts etc. The yacht charter season runs round the year although the Whitsundays islands are prone to tropical rain and cyclones from November to March.

When you choose to go on holidays using the yacht charter Whitsundays services you can be sure that you will be enjoying your holidays in great style and comfort. You will have a luxury sailing to the Whitsundays Islands, which are regarded as the jewel of Australia’s holiday destinations. With beautiful pristine beaches and fantastic coral reefs the Whitsundays provide the perfect cruising and sailing grounds in the world.

What entails yacht charter Whitsunday islands


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outsideThere are a number of different ways you can reach your designated destination in a more comfortable and soothing way. Yacht charter Whitsunday Islands is one of the ideal ways of cruising towards different destinations; the yacht gives you the opportunity of exploring different magnificent sceneries across the Whitsunday. You can also have the courtesy of travelling and hanging out with family and friends. It also caters for different sailors; there is also an option where you are able to add different skippers.

The experience is also quite breath taking. You are able to get the sailing options of your choice. Wherever you choose to sail you will get an experience of a lifetime. You are also able to see the different timeless traditions and stunning sceneries with deserted beaches.

The sceneries are explicitly immense; there is also a chance for you to explore different diving adventures. You can also get the chance to explore the rich and intense cultures of the Australian people. The place also offers you the chance to learn more about the history of the people in the place. When sailing around Whitsundays you also get to view a number of different landscapes.

long-island-beachThis spectacular charter yachts Whitsundays gives you the opportunity to view spectacular features especially when sailing among the different islands. You are able to explore magnificent giant limestones islands. There are also breath taking sceneries you can get a glimpse of which includes deserted beaches and fishing villages. You can have a remarkable fun when you sail to some of its destinations; the island gives you an opportunity to party at different resorts. You can also trek through the deep and vast rainforest and coral reefs.

There is also an exceptional customer care services on most of its fleet. It has also a vast experience with more than 10 years. They are committed in ensuring that you have all that you need to propel you to feel more comfortable and relaxed. The cruises are designed in different kind of ways; there are mono hulls and motor cruisers. They are both trendy and would give you a one of a time experience.

whitsThere are also cruise that caters for larger groups of people. Those who may opt to go for this option of cruises can take catamaran charters. There are services like Whitsunday rent yacht, which provides you a chance to have your time out to different destinations with the comfort of your family and friends. You can also experience bare boating; this will give you the chance to fish and go for a walk to different destinations which you desire.

The yachts are also designed and crafted with different renowned builders all over the world. This will then ensure that you have the comfort you need when sailing to different destinations. The yacht also provides for premium collection an offer which comes with less than one year service. They are also crafted with the latest technology to ensure a one of a kind performance.

Tips when hiring the top yacht charter Whitsundays vessels


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There are many yacht charter Whitsundays companies offering special services for holiday makers in the Island. Majority of visitors will want to sample out the four regions. Majority of yacht companies have set up bases near Airlie Beach which is the best gateway to the Islands in Whitsundays. Before booking for any of available yacht charters it is recommended that passengers should get their destinations correct. Since visitors want to have memorable moments, they have to know some tips when paying for charter services.

Booking yacht charters is simple because there are many service providers. Remember that it must offer one the best experiences as well as fun. Boat consideration should be emphasized. When hiring the yacht in Whitsundays, the following should be practical.


The number of suites when hiring chartered yacht is important. It will depend on the number of people sailing. It is important to ensure the yacht will provide comfort for everyone on board. It should have sufficient rooms for gathering. Every yacht in Whitsundays has a capacity and this is important considerations. People on holiday in Whitsundays must experience the best time when they pay for their chartered yacht.

Exact location

There are many different yacht destinations that are carried out on the Island. Remember that any destination will highly depend on the destination. A docile destination will require a small chartered yacht. There are some destinations that require one to take a heavy and strong yacht as this will be of ease. Locations that experience rough tides will require bigger vessels that will be comfortable when sailing.


Most of the yacht charter Whitsundays comes with own crews. The crew will provide services that enable one to enjoy unique scenes. Each crew member is charged with some specific responsibilities. It is indeed recommended that one takes along experienced crew members who will guide the entire yacht trip within Whitsundays.

In some chartered yacht sailing, there are some people who will prefer to use bare boat charter. This means a holiday maker being the skipper. No crews are involved. In order to be allowed in this charter, one should have the experience of navigating through the island in Whitsundays.

Vessel age and maintenance

Some charter yacht companies operate old aged vessels. This is of safety concern to people hiring services. One should get ideal age of chartered yatch and with general servicing record to a void stalling on the sea. The best charter companies in the region will offer the best and state of the art machines to navigate on different waters. A reliable firm should be chosen when hiring the vessels.

When taking a yacht charter in Whitsundays, there are several regulations that one should keenly follow. For example there are common rules to be followed like what to carry on board, no weapons and drugs on board and ways of saving water when on board. It is just recommended that one sticks to the regulations set.

In order to get the best yacht charter Whitsundays, one should go online and book easily. There are some sites offering top services. Careful research before paying for the yacht services is ideal.

How to get the best out of bareboat charter Australia area


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There are all reasons to hire a boat as we are nearing the festive season. Whether you want to roam the ocean or sail to distant lands, it is important that you get value for your money after hiring it. There are many companies that offer charter services around Australia, so you need not to worry about where to find such a firm. To ensure that you get the firms that offer best bareboat charter Australia area, you need to have enough money. Different firms have different prices but you can always consult before deciding on the one to approach.

Once you consult friends and professionals in the boat charter business, you can decide to hire one depending on the number of people you want to sail with. If for instance you are a large group say a company’s staff, you need a larger vessel that will surely accommodate all of you. As for a small group of people like friends or just your own family, you just need a smaller vessel that is economical to hire. The distance of the sail must also be factored as long distances will require larger vessels that have the capability of carrying more luggage that might comprise personal effects for utilization during the journey. Shorter sails will require smaller vessels if the group is small so as to ensure it is economical.
The other good way you can get the best out of bareboat charter Australia area is to look for a good master. This is because unlike time or voyage charters, you are the one responsible for the crew and master. It therefore means that you take the possession in the sense that you hire your own master and crew unlike when the leasing firm provides them for you. At the same time, you must therefore ascertain the suitability of your crew and master. You could demand them to prove their qualifications, experience, and competencies.

Another method is by hiring a master who is affordable. Do not let your money drain to waste by hiring masters and crew who are very expensive while you can get the same services from the same people who offer their services at a relatively cheaper price that is affordable. If you have sailed before or have the experience, it is an advantage since you might not need a master so much. It is also important to consult widely about the charges of hiring a master and the crew before sailing.

The last thing but not least you can do to ensure your bareboat charter Australia area becomes a success is adhering to safety procedures and regulations that must be observed at all times during sailing. For instance, if the weather does not allow your sail to take off, do not persist. Do not interfere with the captain; let him do his work smoothly without interference and the sail will be successful. Other safety measures such as wearing the safety jackets during the sail should be followed to the letter.
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